Our promise?... Respect & Fairness. It's that simple.

Quest was founded with the vision of becoming a best-in-class carrier. Today, that vision is still alive and well - changing what it means to be a “trucking" company. Based out of Metro Atlanta, Georgia, we are a carrier of dry and refrigerated freight and work with many Fortune 500 companies to help them realize their time sensitive and specialized shipment needs. 

Our core service model provides coast-to-coast, expedited, team service to ensure the exceptional experiences our partners and their customers deserve. At Quest, our values are those relatable to each of us and drive our efforts and decisions. Above all, we strive to represent ourselves, our customers, and our partners well.


Support & Respect

Support staff is an essential part of your driving experience. Being able to get someone on the phone, answering your questions quickly and accurately is critical to what you do. We do it, and we do it with respect because it’s the only way to

do business.

Fair Compensation

Our minimum pay guarantee ensures you’re paid even when things outside your control happen. There are times when 

everything goes perfectly, and then there are weather 

delays, repairs, traffic, etc. that strike your nerves… and your bank account. We don't think that’s fair.

Enjoy Time Off

We understand that bills don’t stop just because you're taking time off. As part of our minimum pay guarantee, you wont miss a paycheck when you do take time off.

With us, you're bills don't pile up while your attempting to enjoy your time at home with loved ones or doing what you love most! 




TOGETHER we will accomplish something great!

Company Teams

Your obligations and aspirations aren’t measured in cents per mile, but most companies don’t see it any other way. Quest is focused on providing you a high quality of life, a rewarding career, and a great compensation package with the means to reach your goals.

Our purpose is to provide each customer with exemplary, expedited shipping services for their temperature controlled and dry freight.


Committed to Expedited Coast to Coast Service


At Quest, we are driven to serve the needs and requests of every customer. Understanding that each customer requires specialized solutions, we approach partnerships with a belief in mutual benefit. Acting on behalf and in best interest of our customers, we are

your strategic partner for success. Our Customers trust us with their freight, their reputation and their own customers’ experiences. In turn, we provide services that exceed expectations and preserve our customers’ integrity and the promises made to their customers.